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Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday! It finally got a bit warmer here today in Maryland but not bathing suit weather yet but it’s comin’!

If you have been following me (that sounds creepy doesn’t it) then you know what Wednesday means around here. It’s ROCK STAR WEDNESDAY and today I will introduce you to a talented group of guys. These are no ordinary guys, mind you, they are personal friends of mine from way back.

Back in 2006, I used to work at a radio station and one of my jobs there was Senior Staff Writer for our monthly newspaper. I wrote a column called BACKSTAGE PASS where I interviewed local bands. One of the bands was, BLUE SKY TRAFFIC (now Justin Kalk Orchestra), and as soon as I met the lead singer, Justin and bassist/co-founder Steve, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, they were destined for stardom.

Not only are they talented, they are gorgeous and some of the nicest people you have ever met. They invited us to their New Year’s Eve party for 2012 and we had a blast!

I can remember sitting on the couch upstairs in their old farmhouse, listening to them play. I was fortunate enough to receive two CDs from them which I have in my car and still listen to on a regular basis.

So, I hope you enjoy meeting JUSTIN KALK ORCHESTRA, thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Talk soon! 🙂



“With his Nashville based Orchestra, Justin Kalk pens and performs a fresh brand of Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Bluegrass and Jazz influenced Pop sounds. The songs are monster packed with catchy vocals, Olympic solos, swampy organ and a radical evolution of bass and beat madness.”

“A thunderous power trio [formed in Nashville, TN] led by the unmistakable growl of it’s Fender abusing front man: Justin Kalk [Vocals, Stratocaster, Turntables].

 Cutting his teeth in the club circuit, Kalk has mastered the art of showmanship & is proving himself one of Rock & Rolls most electrifying performers.

 SteO Britton [Bass & fog machine] & Jay Williams [Drumset & Laser Beams] got his back, and that’ a whole nother story.

Since the first thud of “I’ve Changed Too” at Greenwich Village’s “The Bitter End” in 2010 [their sold out release party], JKO has burnt down: NYC, Phili, Baltimore, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Austin, Vegas, 100+ more. Including a legendary show at “Whisky A GO GO” in Hollywood.”


2012 Flying Dog Tour


Justin is teaming up with Flying Dog Beer for the “2012 Justin Kalk: Flying Dog Tour”!!!  First run will start January in New York City and run down to New Orleans!  Stay tuned!!!

Talk to the band:


Reverb Nation


“I’ve Changed Too”

“Back In Love”

“Pancakes and Syrup”


Blue Sky Traffic


Buddy Lee Attractions

Justin Kalk Orchestra / Press

“Lead singer & guitarist, Justin Kalk, in barefeet, sporadically dances around the stage in a cross between Michael Jackson, Beck and Zack de la Rocha ”

“Justin Kalk Orchestra is destined to become the darlings of the Music Festival circuit.”

“Blue Sky Traffic” is a wooly mammoth of a debut from U.S.A’s Justin Kalk Orchestra. Featuring 16 original songs and album art by gonzo painter Ralph Steadman (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Rolling Stone, Flying Dog Beer) the album was recorded from 2007 – 2009 at the legendary Blackbird and Dark Horse recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee.”

“Their chemistry is unmatched and their music is real…It’s soul. It’s country. It’s blues. It’s pop. It’s funk. It’s bluegrass. It’s rock. It’s the Justin Kalk Orchestra.”

“With his Nashville based Orchestra, Justin Kalk pens and performs a fresh brand of Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Bluegrass and Jazz influenced pop sounds. 

The songs are monster packed with catchy vocals, Olympic solos, swamp organ and radical evolution of bass and beat madness.  Where ever the Justin Kalk Orchestra may bring their show, it is sure to be an attraction to be seen. 

For their debut album, “Blue Sky Traffic”, JKO performed, recorded & produced the record at Nashville’s Blackbird Studios.  Legendary artist Ralph Steadman of GONZO fame (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, The Who, and Flying Dog Beer) created the cover art. 

JKO is sponsored by Fender guitars and Flying Dog Brewery.  Having played over 100+ shows in 2010; 2011 looks to be a promising year for the Justin Kalk Orchestra. ” 

Buddy Lee Attractions

From their humble beginnings in Hagerstown, Maryland, the band started off as BLUE SKY TRAFFIC.

Now the band, known as JUSTIN KALK ORCHESTRA, are residing in Nashville where they are currently on the road with their Flying Dog Tour.


How HOT is this? 






NEW YEAR’S EVE BASH 2011 at The BroadAxe in Hagerstown, Maryland

LISA AND JUSTIN January 31, 2011

LISA AND STEO January 31, 2011

Well, I hope you have enjoyed meeting these talented guys! I cherish our friendship and am so happy for their success! I am very proud of them like a big sister!

They have kept in touch with me and always invite us to their shows when they are in town. I wish them continued success and happiness! Thanks Justin, Steo and Jay for stopping by!

Love ya guys! 🙂


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