Caleb Johnson American Idol~As Long As You Love Me

Well, the 13th season of American Idol has ended and they got it right…again!

I have watched from the very first show and I know how to pick a winner!

I picked Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Reuben and Fantasia…a few I got wrong but I saw the star quality there and they went on to bigger and better things.

Jennifer, Daughtry, Adam…you get the idea!

Now on to our newest winner Caleb Johnson.

The 23 year old lead singer from Asheville left behind his band “Elijah Hooker” as he made the leap to superstar rocker.

Yes, I picked him from the start too!

I used to live in Asheville and the music scene there is bad-ass! I used to go a club called 31 Patton (on 31 Patton Avenue) and it was rockin’!

As the newest winner of AI, Caleb released his debut song, “As Long As You Love Me” and guess what…I freakin’ love it!!! I can’t get enough of this song!


Not only can he sing, he’s adorable and seems to be grounded in the Southern roots that the South is known for. He’s humble, grateful and seems like a cool cat! That will get him far in the whacky world of show business.

Plus he’s persistent! After two failed attempts for seasons 10 and 11, Caleb is the first hard rock and heavy metal singer to win American Idol and the second winner to have auditioned two times prior to winning American Idol.

Stay true to yourself Caleb!

He is totally a rock star from the word go and I see a long and happy future for him in the rock world.

Can’t get enough of this Asheville hottie?!? Well here ya go!





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4 responses to “Caleb Johnson American Idol~As Long As You Love Me

  1. could not disagree more, but I hope he does well, we need more Idol success stories.

  2. HI, I never liked her! There was something about her voice that I didn’t like. Pretty girl and so young to do so much with her talent but I was never a fan. I wanted to see Caleb and Alex in the finale! Thanks! 🙂

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